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Collaboration to Achieve Sustainable Results

We work collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to develop and implement effective solutions, optimize processes, and achieve your organizations' objectives within quality, cost, and schedule.

Synergy provides digital and agile internal audit capabilities and skills.  Our certified personnel collaborate with your stakeholders to deliver an integrated, holistic approach and organization-wide Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) every time.



How do we partner to help our clients succeed?

Clients choose Synergy to develop sustainable solutions managing uncertainty, identify and mitigate emerging risks and the rapid pace of evolving risks, and adopt innovative value propositions (user-centered design) to address changing customer expectations quickly.

Tackling changing customer's and stakeholder's expectations creates complexities and unknown problems.  Businesses big and small grapple with these challenges daily. Success and failures are often associated with intangibles such as optimal resources, collaboration amongst cross-functional teams, and a corporate culture dedicated to experimentation and continuous learning.   

Our Internal Audit Value Chain (IAVC) methodology enables efficient collaborations across your value chain to unlock possibilities with a new way of thinking—how employees work, problems they solve, and a constant re-definition of value, to audit what matters, and when it matters.

Agile Internal Audit 

As an integrator, we operate more like "Internal Management Consultants (IMC)" or a modified Internal Audit function, promptly demonstrating new capabilities. We maintain independence and play a pivotal role in supporting your strategy and mission priorities.  We offer solutions addressing the rapid pace of emerging risk and evolving risks, acquire the skills and expertise to provide oversight, and proactively collaborate with your business units as their partner towards success. 


Our Internal Audit Value Chain (IAVC) methodology provides flexibility and agility, and the execution is customized to align with your organization's strategy and mission priorities to meet challenges.  The framework enables your CEO, C-Suite and Leadership teams, Board of Directors, and Program Managers to achieve goals by focusing on what matters. It also presents an excellent strategic approach to problem-solving that could significantly add value in the long term.

The Synergy IMC focus, executed through our IAVC methodology, enables effective agile internal audit - AIM.  Appropriate design or re-design for digital to generate actionable insights that are monitored to deliver results.

  • The "A" stands for appropriate.

  • The "I" stands for insightful.

  • The "M" stands for monitored.

We customize the following agile audit principles to each client organization and support leadership teams to create, capture and sustain value:

  • Always perform appropriate reviews and engagements. 

  • Generate relevant and actionable insights.

  • Provide recommendations that are monitored to achieve results. 



Our Process
Agile Internal Audit

Solutions Provided

Examples of audits and reviews we perform include
but are not limited to the following:

  • Strategy – audits and reviews impacting the achievement of your strategic goals and objectives, including a strategic risk assessment.

  • Culture – ethics reviews and audits to improve the tone-at-the-top, the tone-in-the-middle, tone-at-the-bottom, and culture across your value chains and supply chains, essential business operations, and locations.

  • Risk – ongoing enterprise-wide reviews and audits, reflecting internal and external threats to aid your management teams in navigating the dynamic and complex risks and business environments.

  • Compliance – audits and reviews to improve internal and external quality, regulatory, and compliance requirements across your value chains and supply chains, critical business functions, and locations.

  • Operations – audits and reviews to foster improved organizational processes and procedures across your value chains and supply chains, core business units, and locations. In addition, Synergy provides customized performance audits, monitoring, and evaluation support for public and private sector organizations.

  • Financial Management – reviews and audits to improve your organization's financial reporting, accounting, systems and business processes. These reviews are performed across supply chains, business units, and departments to deliver sustainable, profitable growth.

  • Information Technology and Security – reviews to help your management teams adopt the right technologies, obtain data to guide decision-making, and protect your organization's sensitive assets.

  • Fraud – ongoing fraud risk and vulnerability assessments across your supply chains, business operations, and locations and implement preventive controls.

Professional Affiliations

Professional Affiliations

We serve clients throughout the U.S. and the Asia Pacific (APAC) regions and welcome the opportunity to foster successful business partnerships.

You have a vision, and we can provide ways to help you get there.  To learn how our tailored approach creates win-win outcomes, connect with us today.  We'd love to know more about your challenges. 

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