We help leadership teams succeed by adapting to the rapidly changing environment and focus on what matters to their organization. 

Digital Transformation

Risk  Management

Agile Internal Audit

Process Improvement


Your Environment and Challenges:

  1. Adapt to the rapidly changing environment —agile strategy formulation and execution.

  2. Optimize operations  digital solutions to transform core and exceed customer expectations.

  3. Superior resource allocation — audit what matters and when it matters to guide decisions.

Your Key Stakeholders:

  1. Board and Committees: How do you develop new capabilities and opportunities to succeed?

  2. CEO and C-Suite:  How do you turn threats from digital into sustainable growth opportunities?

  3. Business Unit Leads:  How quickly can you embrace new technology to meet changing customer needs?

01. Create Value

Partner with your organization in designing or re-designing for digital, monitor progress efficiently, and make timely changes to validate technology investments achieve desired business outcomes.

02. Capture Value

Provide support and perform independent audits and reviews on what matters to the Board and Committees, the CEO and C-Suite, Leadership, and Program Managers.

03. Sustain Value

Perform independent assurance and deliver actionable insights on what matters and when it matters to guide real-time data-driven decision-making.


Synergy Value Proposition 

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Partner with a creative consultancy supplying expertise to help your organization build customer-focused innovation capabilities through Internal Audit, Digital, Risk Management, and Continuous Process Improvement services. 

We'd love to know more about your challenges.  



Who We are 

We are a growing specialty consulting firm providing the following:

  • Internal audit co-sourcing.

  • Internal audit outsourcing.

  • Offshoring, and

  • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) support services.


Consistently deliver exceptional internal audit solutions as a partner towards your growth and success.

Our Focus 

Synergy supports public sector institutions and private sector multinational companies and their supply chains in the U.S. and the Asia Pacific (APAC) regions.


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